Donald Trump’s Titanic: A Poem

I wrote a poem called Donald Trump’s Titanic which was recently accepted for publication in the online literary collective Writers Resist. Please give it a read, and of course, I would love to hear your thoughts!

The world today
is like watching a shipwreck in slow motion.

Donald Trump
is the iceberg, and America is
the Titanic. We laughed
about being able to smell ice
when it’s near—

Iceberg, right ahead!
We elected him anyway.
Just as they said,
“God himself could not sink this ship!”
when they knew there were not enough lifeboats,
it takes someone equally cold-hearted
to hold the Bible in one hand
and smite the lowly with the other.

Now we’re bobbing in the water,
our ship asunder,
and still, there are those
who say the ship is unsinkable,
even though thousands of people have died,
(even as the cold settled in
choking on their own breath
and they swallowed the Atlantic).

Listen closely enough,
and bullets sound like Morse code.
Men desperate to get into a lifeboat,
to live,
were shot even as they drowned.

Imagine the headlines—

Titanic Hits the Same Iceberg Twice!”

We accept prayers via memes
or monetary compensation.

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